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MKDoc is a powerful content-management system that supports multiple authors and languages, and it gives users different level of access to the web site or Intranet. No technical knowledge is needed. This provides a simple way for users to create useful content and stay ahead of the game.

MKDoc totally enhances the visitor experience with an easy to use interface and improves your web agility enabling developers, information architects, designers and content editors to achieve their objectives.

Standard Compliance with the latest regulations

What makes MKDoc different to other content-management systems is the accessibility and usability specifications. Web sites built with MKDoc are designed to be flexible and readable by any web browser. Worldwide browsers can view your site as easily as home browsers using the multilingual content facility. Helping to show your respect for other languages and therefore adding to the positive image of your organisation.

E-empower your organisation with an easy to use interface

Now, making changes and additions to your website is as easy as browsing the web. You don't have to find skilled programmers to maintain content. MKDoc requires only minimal training to update your site. Users simply navigate the site, click a button and make the change. Making the publication process simple means you get your key content published quickly.

Gain control and agility to accelerate content

Do you want full control over your site? With MKDoc, you can easily expand your content while maintaining the integrity of your site. Want to publish a press release? Simply navigate to the press release section of your site and add content. The new page is automatically linked in just where you want it. MKDoc keeps your web team in complete control of site design and architecture.

Collaborate flexibility and Customization across your organisation

MKDoc makes collaboration as easy as emails. Users can perform their task (such as adding a newsletter) and view the results from anywhere that has internet access. MKDoc supports all types of content within large and small websites, Intranets or Extranets. Our team works with your ideas and produces customized design to suit your needs.

Plug-and-play with your existing infrastructure

Worry about migrating old content? MKDoc works with the systems you have in place now and in the future. Open standards like XML mean that we work with your web servers, applications servers and existing databases. You can create templates with your favourite design. The end result: you'll be up and running in days or weeks - not months.

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