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Checkout MKDoc via anon CVS

When it asks for a password, just hit the enter key.

MKDoc 1.6

Checkout the 1.6 branch like this:

 cvs login
 cvs -z3 co -r mkdoc-1-6 mkd

MKDoc 1.8

Checkout the trunk like this:

 cvs login
 cvs -z3 co mkd

MKDoc Modules

The modules that are on CPAN can be checked out like this:

 cvs login
 cvs -z3 co MKDoc-Core

The modules that are in CVS include:

  • mkd – MKDoc CMS application

  • MKDoc-Core – MKDoc web application framework

  • MKDoc-Auth – Authentication framework for MKDoc::Core

  • MKDoc-Authz – Authorization framework for MKDoc::Core

  • MKDoc-ECommerce – Ecommerce plugin for MKDoc::Core

  • MKDoc-Forum – Discussion board plugin for MKDoc::Core

  • MKDoc-TinyURI – Unfinished example MKDoc::Core plugin

Spin-off tools generated by MKDoc

  • MKDoc-Apache_Cache – Extra speed for Apache::Registry scripts

  • MKDoc_Control_List – Express complex rules with control lists

  • MKDoc-SQL – A database abstraction layer

  • MKDoc-Text-Structured – Another Text to HTML module

  • MKDoc-XML – XML parsing/writing and manipulation

Petal TAL for perl:

  • Petal – TAL XML templates for Perl

  • Petal-Mail – Format text e-mail using Petal

  • Petal-Parser-HTB – HTML::TreeBuilder backend for Petal

  • Petal-Parser-XP – XML::Parser backend for Petal

  • I18NFool – localisation for Petal

Miscellaneous applications created by MKDoc Ltd:

  • mkd-import – Data import framework for MKDoc

  • mksearch – RDF indexing and RESTful search via RSS

  • pangloss-templates – A multilingual web-based glossary

For more info on CVS see the CVS web site.

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