MKDoc released under the GPL

On 16th September 2004 the license of MKDoc was changed to the GPL and this means that MKDoc is now Free Software.

The license has been changed for the stable 1.6 version and the development 1.8 version. A tarball of mkdoc-1.6.28.tar.gz (gpg signature mkdoc-1.6.28.tar.gz.asc) is now available for download.

The development version of MKDoc, which is available from the CVS repository, has new features including versioning, a WYSIWIG editor for HTML content and better support for internationalising the templates using the standard GNU .po file format, public and editor access via HTTP authentication using one domain name and many other improvements — however it is not ready to be deployed on production servers.

A new developers email list has been set up called MKDoc-dev, feel free to join it. There is also an #mkdoc irc channel on where we can be contacted by any developers interested in the MKDoc code base.

The bad news is that this change in the licensing has been precipitated by Jean-Michel Hiver leaving MKDoc. However we intend to use this opportunity to develop the MKDoc community code base.

MKDoc Ltd is seeking one or more software developers to continue the work on MKDoc from our office in Sheffield in addition to seeking help from the open source community. For more information contact

We are also considering the future options for the continued development of MKDoc including possibly setting up a non-profit organisation to manage the code base and we will be setting up a community MKDoc site at

If you have any suggestions, ideas or questions please get in touch with us.

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