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Laptop Challenge - the first multi-lingual MKDoc site

The Laptops in the Community Challenge web site (Update 1 July 2004: this site no longer exists), which will be used for a two day residential event starting 19th February 2002, is the first Unicode MKDoc web site to have content in multiple languages.

In addition to the public pages being translated the whole editor interface has been translated into French, Punjabi and Gujarati, this is illustrated in the following screen shots:

Screen shot of a Punjabi page being edited in MKDoc. Screen shot of a Punjabi page being edited in MKDoc.

The editor and public templates haven't been translated into Bengali yet, however Bengali content is being added. Following is a screen shot of a page written in Bengali:

Bengali page on Laptop Challenge.

There are however some issues with browser and operating system support for languages such as Punjabi and Gujarati, this is explained in more detail on the help page of the Laptop Challenge web site.

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